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Lowara UKBETA200DS28/A Presfix Beta 228 Dual System

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Lowara UKBETA200DS28/A Presfix Beta 228 Dual System
Presfix Beta enclosed dual system micropressor set
Manufacturer Code: UKBETA200DS28/A
Family Code: 5G
Twin Pump
Max F/P: 2.8 Bar
Weight: 62.0 Kg
Supply Voltage: 230V 50Hz 1Ph
Volt Free Contact Rating: 50V AC 3A
Motor Size: 0.20kW
Input Current: 1A
Pre-fuse: 10A

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Lowara UKBETA200DS28/A Presfix Beta 228 Dual System

The Presfix Beta 228 dual pressurisation set brings the benefits of managing two independent systems from a single unit. The Presfix Beta 228 unit contains two individual display screens so each system can be controlled and monitored separately providing both systems operate at the same fill pressure which should generally be the case as the fill pressure is based on the building static height. All other set points can be independently set for each system.

The Presfix Beta 228 Dual system unit is supplied as twin pump sets with the pressure range 2.8 bar. Each pump is available to both systems so each system has a duty and standby pump available to it. If one pump fails then the standby pump will be available to both systems. All the control features and specification are the same as the standard two pump Presfix Beta details.


  • Mains door interlocked disconnect switch
  • Auto/Manual/Off selector switch
  • Back lit digital display
  • Control panel section IP 54
  • MCB protected motors
  • Simple set point adjustment
  • Parameter lock
  • Remote inhibit
  • Delay start
  • Exercise regime
  • Break tank low water monitoring
  • Transducer controlled
  • High/Low pressure contacts for boiler/chiller interlock
  • Anti-bounce internal vessel 2lt electronically assisted
  • Isolating valves on each pump
  • Hours run for each pump
  • Automatic duty pump rotation with omission of tripped or failed pumps
  • Duty pump fail with auto change over to stand by pump
  • LED Indicators For:

  • Pump run each pump
  • Pump trip each pump
  • Low pressure
  • High pressure
  • Duty pump failed
  • Excessive run time
  • Break tank Low water
  • Back lit display provides indication of power on
  • Specification:

  • Open frame units have base plates manufactured from 14SWG galvanised steel and are suitable for floor mounting
  • All pumps are horizontal peripheral type with bronze body and impeller and are fitted with self adjusting mechanical seals
  • Break tank: Manufactured from Polyethylene with an 18lt active capacity complete with weir and clip tight lid
  • Ball valve: 15mm to BS1212 part 2 constructed to give a type AB air gap in accordance with the water regulations 1999. Overflow 22mm (plastic)
  • Pipework: Nylon 4-10mm
  • Internal vessel: Fixed diaphragm 2/5lt steel construction complying with BS4814
  • Electrical Specification

  • Supply voltage: 230V 50Hz 1Ph
  • Volt free contact rating: 50V AC 3A
  • Motor Size: 0.20kW
  • Input Current: 1A
  • Pre-fuse: 10A
  • Additional information

    Weight 62.0 kg