Lowara Vertical Expansion Vessel, by Xylem. A pressure vessel designed to provide storage facility and pressure reservoir for water temperatures up to 99°C. Commonly used in heating pressurisation and water booster and fill sets.

The Lowara Vertical Expansion Vessel incorporates a fixed butyl diaphragm mounted in a mild steel shell. This eliminates contact between stored water and the steel shell of the vessel, allowing for potable water use. All units up to and including 25 litres are suitable for a 8 bar working pressure. Larger expansion vessels are suitable for a 10 bar working pressure. (Excluding the 1000LV Lowara Horizontal Expansion Vessel)

All expansion vessels are supplied with pre-charged air. An adjustment to the pressure may be needed to suit your specification. This must be done with the vessel isolated away from the system and before filling with water. Air can be vented from or pumped into a Schraeder valve. This is found under the black plastic screw off cover of the shell (For vessels up to 500 litre) or on the side mounted flange (For vessels of 750 litres and larger). Please note that vessels of a 60 litre capacity or larger are manufactured with connections at either ends of the vessel.

All vessels should be mounted so that the systems connection is made at the lowest possible point, to facilitate on site maintenance. The other connection should be fitted with either an air bleed valve or blanking plug. All vessels should be installed with an isolating valve and drain cock.

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