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    Wilson Fans, Pumps & Motors Group,

    we are always seeking for new members to become part of our team. Whether this is part of our office team or as an engineer we welcome new additions.


    Regardless of expertise or experience, we do not judge you. No experience or 10 years experience, development is always there.


    We offer various retraining programs and once on board, we then offer you a suitable starting position and from here on, your development starts.


    If you are seeking any vacancies with us, please Contact Us. To join our team of engineers or for a career start, We Welcome You.


    We are currently seeking new engineers to join our team.


    Current roles in:


    - Control Engineer
    - Pump Engineer
    - Electro Mechanical Engineer


    If you have experience or are seeking experience in one of the following roles, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.


    If you are interested in joining us at Wilson Fans, Pumps & Motors Group - Please contact us via phone: 0207 228 3343 or Email: [email protected]


    We look forward to hearing from you

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